Signs From God Point to Mary Cosby Leaving RHOSLC

Photo: Bravo

God is quaking. Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’s Mary Cosby will not appear in the season-two reunion of the hit Bravo reality show. After unfolding her hands at the altar of wire fraud, bathtubs, giant buses, and shady dinner invitations, Mary Cosby was absent from Bravo’s reunion taping, a source confirmed to Vulture, and it seems very likely that Miss Cosby will also not appear on season three of the show. To Variety, another source close to the show said, “By not showing up to the reunion, which is required for the cast, she has sealed her fate.” Cosby has not commented on the speculation, although she did break her Instagram hiatus on January 8, posting a cryptic message about “bad reality TV” and using one too many hashtags: “#racism #is #reason #to #walk.” Whether Cosby chose to #walk, or was told to leave due to some form of divine intervention, all signs point to a departure announcement soon — all we need is Andy Cohen’s final word.

Since Salt Lake City’s season-two premiere, fashion-designer devotee Mary Cosby has faced more than one allegation of racism against her (she called Jen Shah a “thug” and has made multiple remarks about Jennie Nguyen’s eyes). Cosby later made a fancy public apology on December 12, 2021 — her last tweet on her account as of this article’s publishing, aside from a number of replies — acknowledging “poor judgement in my choice of words.” “I AM TRULY SORRY,” it reads in a font straight off of Canva. (Calligraphy is shook!)

This season’s major story line, aside from Jen Shah’s arrest, has been the mystery harbored inside Mary Cosby’s Faith Temple Pentecostal Church. For the past couple of months, rumors and reports about Cosby allegedly stealing money from her worshippers have circulated. But even after leaked audio featured Mary Cosby calling her congregation “poor,” she still denied the claims. As for what’s to come, the reunion has been filmed, per Queens of Bravo, and the star of the season (Lisa Barlow’s Vida tequila) is a cover girl.

Signs From God Point to Mary Cosby Leaving RHOSLC