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Jake Paul Offers to Retire From Boxing in Exchange for Better UFC Conditions

Viner turned Disney star turned YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul has put his money where his gloves are, sort of. He challenged UFC president Dana White for better working conditions for fighters. Jake Paul demands several things: an increase in minimum fighter pay to $50,000, guaranteeing UFC fighters 50 percent of annual revenues, and long-term health care for all fighters. He challenges White to accept the offer in five days and implement changes by the end of March. Paul would then “immediately retire from boxing” and fight MMA fighter Jorge Masvidal in a one-fight deal. He has been in five professional boxing fights, winning four of them by KO.

White has not responded to the challenge just yet, however, Paul’s potential opponent has expressed that they’re interested in fighting. Masvidal tweeted in mid-December that he’s willing to fighting Paul if the UFC lets Paul sign a one-fight deal or if Paul has a higher financial offer. Well, Paul stepped up to the plate and offered to retire from boxing forever. Your move, Dana White.

Jake Paul Challenges UFC’s Dana White for Better Conditions