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Aidy Bryant and John Early Are Late Night’s Sexiest and Most Aggressive Couple

MGK and Megan, and Ye and Julia, and Kim and Pete can all suck it. Aidy Bryant and John Early are the only celebrity couple that matters now. The two comedians did a ridiculous extended bit last night on Late Night With Seth Meyers, in which Early performed an elevated caricature of straightness while Bryant’s glamour sprawled out over every inch of available space. They told Meyers they were thrilled at “for once not having to hide it” while they kissed and fondled each other in front of him. “Do you like this?” Bryant asked the host. Meyers pointed out that Bryant is indeed married, a fact Early spit upon before propositioning Meyers to watch them have sex sometime and pushing his chair over. It is loosey-goosey as hell and a nice reminder of what late night has the potential to be.

The two comedians also had individual segments with Meyers earlier on the show. Bryant described her cross-country road trip with her actual husband, Conner O’Malley, and told an anecdote about meeting the late Bob Saget when she was a child. (Her hometown of Phoenix was less showbiz headquarters and “more lizard headquarters,” she said.)

Early was on the show to promote the final season of Search Party and possibly set a record for the time it takes a guest to go from backstage to their seat. Early introduced his straight-guy schtick and stuck in character until he just couldn’t take it anymore, so strong is his chemistry with Meyers.

Aidy Bryant and John Early Are Late Night’s Sexiest Couple