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The Village People’s Victor Willis Loved Kenan Thompson’s SNL Impression

Young man! There’s no need to feel down, I said, young man! There’s a show you can watch called Late Night With Seth Meyers, where Kenan Thompson dropped in last night. Meyers complimented Thompson on his record-breaking 19 seasons at Saturday Night Live and asked him about how things were going on the second season of his sitcom, Kenan. He also wanted to talk about Thompson’s impressions, specifically his role as the Village People’s hot cop in the “YMCA” Weekend Update sketch from 2020. “Trump was using it as his campaign music without permission, and they did not like that,” he filled us in. “So we did this sketch. And then I got a chance to meet Victor, the guy I was playing.” That’s Victor Willis, founding member of the Village People, who had his assistant reach out to Thompson the day after the episode. “I got Bowen to come, and we were just sitting there on a Zoom,” Thompson recalled. “It was a lot of anticipation — please hold for Victor — and then he came into frame, full helmet, sunglasses, and the whole nine.” Thompson then made a direct appeal to the camera, telling Willis to sign the helmet and send it to Meyers. Because if you’re not using your status as SNL’s elder statesman to give signed Village People memorabilia to your friends, what are you even doing?

The Village People’s Victor Willis Loved the SNL Impression