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Ronny Chieng Wants to Be a Supreme Court Justice

The Daily Show did its cute little guest-DJ thing — in lieu of having a studio audience, one of the correspondents sits in and riffs on Trevor Noah’s news items. Tonight, it was Ronny Chieng adding his two cents. And this dude wants to replace Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer. His reasoning is foolproof: Asian American judges have been rocking it since Ito, he has a law degree, and he is very judgmental. To prove the last point of his argument (already weighing rhetoric, a born legal mind), he roasted Noah for his ugly polka-dot suit. Chieng said Noah’s suit looks like shit. But, point of order, it actually looks like a couch my parents had in 1995. Overruled!

Make The Daily Show’s Ronny Chieng a Supreme Court Justice