Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker Got Matching Tats For MGK’s Album

Photo: Universal Music Group

Update, Monday, January 31 at 10:05 p.m.: No ragrets. Machine Gun Kelly has decided to change the name of his upcoming album to Mainstream Sellout — despite the fact that he and Travis Barker got matching tattoos of the previously announced title, born with horns, six months ago. According to MGK, born with horns will still be the name of a song on the album. But he still looke a little sheepish when he broke the news to Barker in an Instagram video. “OK, we’re friends no matter what, right?” MGK started. After giving Barker a fist bump, he continued, “Remember when we got the album name… the new album name tattooed on our arms?” Barker, who is executive producing the album, immediately guessed that the title had changed, which MGK confirmed with a laugh. The video then cuts to a logo of the album’s new name… its new name for now, at least.

Original story follows.

Megan Fox dater and Lollapalooza parkour-er Machine Gun Kelly announced today that he has a new album coming up, and it will be called born with horns. While artists like Taylor Swift make announcements by sending their fans on hair-splitting scavenger hunts, that’s not MGK’s speed. He likes to spell things out. In this case, he spelled it out on his forearm, getting matching tattoos with Blink-182’s Travis Barker that both read “born with horns” in a hard-rock Gothic font. A statement from Universal Music Group confirmed that Barker will serve as the album’s executive producer. In a video posted to Machine Gun Kelly’s Instagram, he and Barker show off their new ink. “Bro, that shit looks hard as fuck,” MGK says.

MGK released the album’s first single, “Papercuts,” along with a music video, on Wednesday, August 11, at midnight.

Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker Got Matching Album Tats