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Percy Jackson’s Author Blesses Disney+ Adaption: ‘We’re in Great Hands’

Imagine an adaption so bad that the creator refused to see it. Okay, well you don’t have to imagine it because that’s what the Percy Jackson film series was. In 2020, Percy Jackson’s author Rick Riordan called the film adaptations a “mistake” and “they should censor the entire thing. Just two hours of blank screen … We’re gonna fix it soon.” But “soon” has finally come and Riordan has given his blessing for the upcoming Disney+ adaption of his life’s work. “I am thrilled to be the first to tell you that Percy Jackson and the Olympians is really, truly, and for sure coming to your screens,” said the Percy Jackson writer. “The smart folks at Disney+ have given us the green light.” According to The Hollywood Reporter, Riordan will be more involved with the development, co-writing the pilot with Jon Steinberg. He also calls the pilot’s director, James Bobin, “a terrific person” and “incredibly talented director.” The film isn’t the only Percy Jackson adaption — the popular book series was recently adapted as a Broadway musical in 2019.

Percy Jackson’s Author Approves of Upcoming Disney+ Series