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Colin Jost and Pete Davidson Bought a Staten Island Ferry

Just two boys and their boat. Photo: NYC Department of Transportation/James Devaney/Getty Images

There is a very real possibility that Colin Jost and Pete Davidson are actually two fictional children living out some kind of Big scenario. Our evidence? They just bought the Staten Island Ferry.

Okay, they bought a Staten Island ferry. The New York Post reported on January 19 that an anonymous bidder spent $280,000 on a defunct Staten Island ferry at an online auction. Who would do such a thing? A historical society? Some kind of sea baron? Try Staten Island’s golden sons. Vulture has learned that the buyers were in fact Saturday Night Live’s Jost and Davidson, investing along with the Stand comedy-club co-owner Paul Italia, who placed the bid. A rep for the group confirmed that the three plan to rehab the former 5,200-person capacity ferry into a live entertainment space and event venue with comedy, art, and food. They still have to find the boat — named the John F. Kennedy — a waterfront home where it will be docked permanently.

There are worse fates for a decommissioned city ferry than becoming a comedy club; the group’s rep notes that the past two city ferries sold at auction were sent to scrap yards. Jost and Davidson both have ties to this ferry in particular: When it was still operational, Jost rode it into the city as a high-schooler, and Davidson rode it to do gigs. To think that an ol’ trusty seafaring vessel of their youths will soon host, like, an hourlong Michael Che set … it brings a tear to one’s eye. It’s like a Pixar movie. Although the boat was listed as being in “poor” condition at auction due to “mechanical issues” in its engine, that won’t be a problem once it’s a docked comedy club.

There’s no timeline yet on when the good ship JFK will be operational. We’re just glad that the rich tradition of SNL boys and boats keeps on going.

Colin Jost and Pete Davidson Bought a Staten Island Ferry