Quincy Jones Remembers Sidney Poitier: ‘I Will Miss You Forever My Dear Brother’

Photo: Mark Von Holden/Getty Images

Music legend Quincy Jones has paid tribute to trailblazing actor and activist Sidney Poitier in a lengthy remembrance on Twitter. “We were joined at the hip from our times scraping to get by, coming up in New York in the ’50s, to achieving all of our dreams & working together in Hollywood,” Jones wrote, “to standing up to use our voices in support of the things that truly mattered.” According to Jones, Poitier possessed a quality of “regalness” that surpassed ruling members of royalty. The pair of longtime friends remained close throughout their rise to prominence in the film and TV industry. Beginning with the 1965 thriller The Slender Thread, Jones composed and arranged music for several movies starring Poitier, including the Oscar-winning In the Heat of the Night. In 1996, Poitier presented the Best Picture category at the Jones-produced 68th Academy Awards ceremony. “Through thick & thin we shared the highest peaks & the lowest valleys of life together,” Jones tweeted. “I will miss you forever my dear brother … & when I feel like my soul needs to smile, I will think of you & our decades of memories shared together.” Read his full tribute below.

Quincy Jones Remembers ‘My Dear Brother’ Sidney Poitier