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Rapper Pooh Shiesty Pleads Guilty to Firearms Conspiracy Charge

Photo: Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Rapper Pooh Shiesty, legal name Lontrell D. Williams, pleaded guilty to a firearms conspiracy charge after allegedly shooting two men at a Florida hotel in October 2020, according to a report from the Department of Justice in Miami and Rolling Stone. Federal prosecutors have also dropped three other charges due to the guilty plea; if the charges were kept, Williams could’ve faced a life sentence in prison. The prosecutors recommended a sentence of just over eight years for the Memphis rapper in a non-binding deal that may change in a future sentence hearing. Magistrate Judge Lauren Fleischer Louis explained that if Chief Judge K. Michael Moore decided on a harsher sentence in the forthcoming hearing, it “will not be grounds to withdraw [Williams’s guilty] plea.” The guilty plea does help William’s standing as it takes three points off his total when determining his sentencing.

Williams was allegedly involved in a shooting of two men “during a street purchase of marijuana and high-end sneakers,” according to a Miami federal court judge in July 2021. He was held without bond following his arrest and has been in custody for seven months. Williams released a single in December titled “Federal Contraband (Freestyle)” and encourages fans to write to him in jail on Instagram. “Ain’t too long till shiestman home …” wrote the rapper two days before Christmas.

Rapper Pooh Shiesty Pleads Guilty to Firearms Charge