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Scream 5 Trailer: Drop the 5, Just Scream. It’s Cleaner.

Ten years since Scream 4 and 25 since the original Scream, here’s the brand-new trailer for Scream (2022). For what’s technically Scream 5, directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett took the George Foreman–Jason Derulo approach to this reboot and simply named it after its Wes Craven predecessor. Scream features several cast members from the original Scream, including Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Neve Campbell, and Marley Shelton. “I’ve seen this movie before,” Campbell mic-drops in the final trailer. Ghostface is terrorizing a new generation, made up of actors Dylan Minnette, Jenna Ortega, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Sonia Ammar, Jack Quaid, Kyle Gallner, Mason Gooding, Mikey Madison, and Melissa Barrera. Whoever’s behind the mask has apparently learned how to hack home-security systems, updating the self-aware slasher series with 2021 gags. Scream didn’t come out in time for Halloween (or Halloween Kills, on Peacock October 15). Watch Scream in theaters on January 14.

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Scream 5 Trailer: Just Scream, It’s Cleaner.