3 hours is too long

The Batman Is One and a Half Twilight Movies Long

Photo: DC/Summit Entertainment

Drive My Car? Honey, try Drive My Batmobile. Insiders at Warner Bros. told The Hollywood Reporter on Thursday that Matt Reeves’s upcoming The Batman will be a Joker-fied two hours and 55 minutes long, including credits (and you know with these things you have to stay for the credits). THR notes that this will make The Batman the longest solo Batman flick and the second-longest theatrical cut of a superhero film after Avengers: Endgame.

But that’s a useless metric. What we really want to know is: How does this upcoming Robert Pattinson movie compare in length to other Robert Pattinson movies? Specifically, how many Twilights (2008) can we fit into The Batman’s run time?

About one and a half. What does this math accomplish? Nothing. Go ask Paul Dano’s Riddler if you want a worthwhile brainteaser. And maybe factor in a bathroom break if you’re seeing The Batman in theaters.

The Batman Is One and a Half Twilight Movies Long