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The Tonight Show: Watch Every Streaming Service’s Start-up Animation Simultaneously

Sound logos! You know ’em, you love ’em, they get stuck in your head (which is by design). But what if you could hear all of them simultaneously? Would it make you shit your pants, Brown Note style? Or perhaps it’s the key to enlightenment. Only Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show had the balls to find out. They combined every streaming service’s start-up animation into one logo-rrific cacophony. The diabolical logo mashup was part of the show’s recurring Audience Suggestion Box segment. Fallon also provided viewers with the experience of Ozark with a laugh track and Higgins saying “round anus.” You’re welcome? (P.S.: For a deep dive on sound logos, check out the Twenty Thousand Hertz ep on “soundmarks.”)

Watch Jimmy Fallon Play Every Streaming-Service Soundmark