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Mitski Is Feuding With Her (Doll) Self in the ‘Love Me More’ Music Video

For some of the girlies, Sad Girl Autumn is a year-long condition. Luckily for them, Mitski has new jams coming. Mitski released yet another track off the upcoming Laurel Hell, due out February 4. The music video for “Love Me More” features an early entry for 2022’s Golden Dollies — Vulture’s award show for best use of creepy dolls and puppets in media. “Love Me More” features a Being John Malkovich–lookin’-ass marionette of Mitski, as well as many drawings of her. Truly it is a music video directed by Guy Debord. Simulacra abound! But does Obama like it?

Watch the Simulacra-ful Video for Mitski’s ‘Love Me More’