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Whoopi Is Over It

Photo: The View/Twitter

As an avid watcher of the live television commentary show called The View, I’m time and time again reminded of the cinematic masteries that have been gifted to all of us each and every episode, virtual or IRL. (Like, remember when Whoopi asked Meghan McCain about nepotism?) So today, it brings me nothing less than pure joy to blog another: Currently quarantined legend Whoopi Goldberg — who tested positive for “a COVID-19 breakthrough case” over Christmas — returned for an eight-minute video check-in carrying a number of important messages and wearing a sweater that says “Over it.” First, co-host Joy Behar complimented the ensemble with a “fabulous,” to which Whoopi responded: “Thank you, because I am.” She continued to speak truths about the importance of everyone getting vaccinated and boosted, reminding View-ers that “COVID and Omicron don’t care about your politics. They don’t care, they don’t care how much money you got! They don’t care, see. So when it isn’t political and it isn’t about finances, it’s really about you as a human being.” So, slay human beings!

Whoopi then caught the ladies of The View up on her isolation activities, which include “listening to lots of books,” finally opening her presents from over the holidays (queen), and eating “really nice Chinese food.” She also (at least once) smelled bacon downstairs and wanted a sandwich, but didn’t go and get one so now she’s “starving.” Then, she informed the world that she just “watched the ball drop,” but would not say whose ball she actually watched drop … Laughter ensued. Joy Behar revealed that her “spies” (a.k.a. producers) say Whoopi should be returning on Monday, and Whoopi ended with an evergreen reminder: “We’re all over it.”

*get vaccinated
Whoopi Is Over It