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Watch the Thrilling Conclusion of Mike’s Mic’s Pretty Little Liars Deep Dive

The girls who got a secret gotta keep it, and the girls who don’t don’t. Michael Messineo, a.k.a. Australian YouTuber Mike’s Mic, has been unpacking Pretty Little Liars over three feature-film-length videos. Like so many of the crucial YouTube deep dives (see also: Jenny Nicholson’s Vampire Diaries exposé), the series has manifold delights for even non-PLL-heads. There’s something so beautiful about a long-running TV show and how the plot tends to fold in on itself after a while. Pretty Little Liars plot descriptions read like Zen koans. For example: “Hanna decides to let the rats out, but the raccoon gets out as well.” What does it mean? Only Mike’s Mic knows.

You Should Watch a Three-Part Pretty Little Liars Deep Dive