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Anthony Edwards and Mare Winningham Secretly Wed Last Year

Photo: Juanito Aguil/Getty Images

Kravis is shaking, because there’s a new hot couple on the scene: Anthony Edwards and Mare Winningham. The ER vet told Esquire that he and Winningham eloped last year. “We’re too old to throw weddings,” he said, while also big-upping his bride’s busy Broadway schedule. “She’s doing Girl from the North Country on Broadway and she’s just spectacular. She’s an amazing singer and she’s a wonderful actress and she’s an incredible person.”

Edwards and Winningham met while auditioning for The Sure Thing, eventually losing out to John Cusack and Daphne Zuniga. The pair starred in 1986’s Miracle Mile, and stayed friends through each other’s marriages and divorces. Edwards was married to Jeanine Lobell from 1994 to 2015. Winningham has three exes: A Martinez (1981-1982), William Mapel (1982-1996) and Jason Trucco (2008-2012). According to Esquire, Edwards and Winningham celebrated their union with only their friend/officiant present. Then they drank each other’s blood. No, sorry, that’s a different sexy power couple.

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Anthony Edwards and Mare Winningham Secretly Wed Last Year