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Beauty and the Beast Prequel Canceled 3 Days After Rita Ora Casting Announced

Photo: David M. Benettpole/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Wal

You can’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched. Or count on your furniture to sing before it’s come alive. According to Deadline, the Beauty and the Beast prequel series for Disney+ will not move forward, just days after Rita Ora was cast in an unnamed role. Her character was only described as a “fugitive with surprising abilities who carries with her a secret that could potentially affect an entire kingdom.” Well, it must’ve been a damn good secret because now we shall never know. The show was going to center Gaston and LeFou, played by Luke Evans and Josh Gad, and, surprise, more secrets, which must’ve included the plot due to not much information being shared. Deadline also reported that the show was canceled due to creative differences on the project and production delays.

The cast, minus Ora, began their earnest tributes to the vague series. Gad and Evans posted the same message to Twitter, “Sadly, ’Tis true. We tried to make it all work but under the gun it wasn’t meant to be … for now. These characters and this story will live on, but sometimes the best intentions & reality collide & nothing can be done.” Gad also suggested to Evans to “come out to Columbia and we can drink together and just shoot footage of us drunk in Bogotá singing Alan Menken’s new songs.” Maybe getting drunk wasn’t Disney+ friendly, but alas, another secret we’ll never know. No more exclusively gay moments, at least not for LeFou.

Disney+ Beauty and the Beast Prequel Canceled