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And the Early #OscarsFanFavorite Front-Runner Is… Camila Cabello?

Photo: Amazon/Sony

When the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences announced that a special Fan Favorite movie would be selected by Twitter this year, many saw it as a move on their part to toss crumbs to the MCU-loving hoi polloi. Kevin Smith, Jimmy Kimmel and others complained that Spider-Man: No Way Home was nomination-less. Surely putting the power in Twitter’s hands for this one lip service award would fix everything. Apparently, not. Y’all forgot about stans.

The Camila Cabello-helmed Cinderella, responsible for that Crosswalk Musical in which James Corden humped the air dressed as a mouse and otherwise pretty much immediately forgotten, is the current front-runner for #OscarsFanFavorite film, according to Deadline. Other films also gaining traction on the app are Johnny Depp’s Minamata and and the Snyder Cut of Justice League (even though that movie isn’t eligible for Oscars). It all goes to show that Twitter is not the website where many people go to talk about the things they liked. It’s where the few come to talk about what they love (or hate) with every fiber of their being. No other discourse can survive.

Camila Cabello Stans Make Cinderella the Oscars Fan Favorite