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David Letterman Launches YouTube Channel for Classic Late-Night Clips

Vintage David Letterman. Photo: Letterman/YouTube

David Letterman has gracefully aged into a mischievous elder who gives you a riddle in the woods, so it’s not exactly out of character for him to release a cryptic video that’s just 27 seconds of giggling. But that’s exactly what he did Monday on Twitter. It’s set up like he’s going to make some sort of announcement, but he can’t get the words out because he’s just having too much of a hoot and a holler. The caption reads “2.1.2022” with a link to a revamped Letterman YouTube channel.

Announced via ominous throwback, the channel comes with a cheeky description, saying it’s “home to all your favorite clips from Late Night and Late Show — as well as conversations with the writers, producers and performers who helped make it all happen.” “These highlights have been artisanly-produced, carefully-curated, and chosen completely at random by an old computer that used to pick numbers for the New York Lotto back in the 90’s,” it reads. Initially, the channel just had a four-second clip of Letterman saying, “This is not a competition; it’s only an exhibition. Please, no wagering.”

As of Tuesday, the channel has uploaded dozens of classic clips including late-night appearances by Andy Kaufman, Garry Shandling, Mister Rogers, Robin Williams, and Jerry Garcia as well as segments like “Stupid Pet Tricks” and “Dave’s Elevator Races.” Required viewing for comedy nerds.

Now You Can Watch Classic David Letterman Clips on YouTube