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Halle Berry Welcomes Us to the Super Bowl (in Nicole Kidman’s Suit)

Photo: NFL/Twitter

If sports rivalries aren’t your thing, the NFL was so good as to provide us with some Oscar-winning actress beef. In a move straight out of the AMC playbook, Halle Berry welcomed viewers to Super Bowl LVI via the magic of the movies! Almost every football movie was referenced (justice for Not Another Teen Movie!), Peyton Manning continued his comedy streak, and Halle Berry explained how heartbreak feels good in a stadium like this. And she did it in an eerily similar sequined pinstripe suit to Nicole Kidman in her iconic AMC Theatres preroll spiel. Are they exact same suit? Probably not. Berry’s appears to be slightly darker, and Kidman’s tailor really emphasized the shoulders. But the resemblance is uncanny. Take a gander for yourself below.

Halle Berry Intros the Super Bowl (in Nicole Kidman’s Suit)