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We’re Concerned About Heidi Montag’s Iron Levels

Heidi Montag touts the benefits of eating raw liver in an Instagram Reel. Photo: Heidi Montag via Instagram

Heidi Montag has a new Yellowjackets-adjacent hobby: Eating organs. In an Instagram Reels post February 24, Montag sunk her pearly whites into a slab of iron-rich raw liver from an undisclosed mammal. “There’s so many health benefits to eating liver, animal organs, raw liver,” The Hills star said before taking a nibble and chewing with thinly masked disgust. “See, I already had a huge bite here. You definitely get used to it.” Montag turned off her comments on the post, meaning no one can directly judge her for her choices. But is watching former reality TV stars eat raw offal against beautiful scenic landscapes not the American Dream at play?

Montag previously ate bull testicles in a February 19 Reel, which is worth watching solely for the way she says “bulls’ balls” before washing down the tiniest bite ever with a glass of water. “Not too bad,” she said before eating a “big bull ball.” She tagged the post #Carnivorediet and name-dropped Force of Nature, a meat company that touts a regenerative revolution on its website.

Raw liver has many health benefits, from vitamin A to iron, but as WebMD and Vulture writer Rebecca Alter’s grandma have warned, it’s better in small doses. Herbivores and omnivores, beware. Carnivore Heidi Montag’s penchant for raw meat brings to mind the words of Kesha: “I want your liver on a platter.”

We’re Concerned About Heidi Montag’s Iron Levels