Was Tom Holland Actually in Euphoria Season Two?

Photo: HBO

Ethan was the most prominent floppy-haired twink in Lexi’s elaborate episode-seven play, but fan speculations about a surprise Tom Holland appearance stole the show. Twitter user @fernlangdon posted a screenshot of one of many pans to the audience, in which the actor seems to be lurking behind Nate and Cassie. It’s no secret that Holland is Zendaya’s biggest fan. He has admittedly visited his girlfriend, Zendaya, on the Euphoria set at least 30 times.

However, after sifting through Euphoria episode seven, Vulture confirmed that Holland’s cameo was Photoshopped. In the same frame in which Holland was allegedly present, there are other extras and empty chairs in his place.

The actor has no confirmed Euphoria appearances to date, and he was also notably absent from Sunday night’s season finale, which featured a continuation of Lexi’s extravagant play. Despite no sign of the Spider-Man: No Way Home actor in this season, Holland’s ongoing petition to be part of the show, combined with Zendaya’s clout, means there may still be hope for a cameo in season three.

Was Tom Holland Actually in Euphoria Season Two?