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Jazmine Sullivan Has Issa Rae Talking Mess on Her Heaux Tales Deluxe

Issa Rae and Jazmine Sullivan. Photo-Illustration: Vulture; Photos by Getty Images

You thought you’d start 2022 unscathed from those feelings? Not if Jazmine Sullivan has anything to do with it. The R&B singer-songwriter, who made a triumphant, emotional return last year with Heaux Tales (Vulture’s favorite album of 2021), is back to have you picking up even more feelings with the deluxe Heaux Tales, Mo’ Tales. The album features five songs (including the previously released “Tragic”) and five new stories — opening with one from the queen of awkward herself, Issa Rae. On “Issa’s Tale,” the actor and comedian remembers an ex who “pumped me and dumped me” on their last night together before he moved overseas. “I was angry sweating, like not even good sweat, the sweat that I deserved, it was just pure rage sweat,” she says. It’s funny and sad, packing in a bit of a twist ending. So, basically, everything we’ve been missing since Insecure ended last year. (It’s also been in the works for a full year, since Sullivan tweeted about wanting Rae involved with Heaux Tales back in January 2021.) Check out Heaux Tales, Mo’ Tales if you’re ready for the drama, but don’t forget to block that one person’s phone number first.

Jazmine Sullivan’s Deluxe Has Issa Rae Tellling Heaux Tales