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Ye Announces Donda 2, in Case You Haven’t Gotten Enough of Him

He’s not done-da yet! Photo: Victor Boyko/Getty Images

Update, Friday, February 18, at 11:13 a.m.: It just got a bit harder to get more of Ye. The rapper announced that his upcoming Donda 2 will only be available on the Stem player he previously released around Donda and not on streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music “It’s time to free music from this oppressive system,” he wrote on Instagram. “It’s time to take control and build our own.” Now, “oppressive system” is a bit relative when we’re talking about making fans buy a $200 gadget meant to be used for music production, but! The move comes after Ye’s previous single, “Eazy,” was released as a Spotify exclusive for its first 24 hours. And of course, we’ve seen a Ye rollout before — who knows if he’ll stick to this? For now, the rapper posted a draft of a track list for the album, which includes titles like “Pablo,” “Mr. Myagi,” and “Do I Look Happy,” with no sign of “Eazy.”

Original story follows.

If you didn’t get enough Donda from the three live debuts and eventual 27-song albumplus five more on the deluxe! — does Ye have some news for you. The rapper, formerly known as Kanye West, announced a sequel album, Donda 2, on Instagram January 27. It’s executive produced by Future, who brought out Ye at his December Rolling Loud California set, and set for February 22, or 2/22/22. (Think a clever date can incentivize him to meet a deadline?) Steven Victor, the former COO of Ye’s GOOD Music, previously told Complex on January 3 that Ye had “started working on” Donda 2 — implying the notoriously perfectionist musician hopes to have finished the album in just around two months. Donda 2 follows Ye’s recent single “Eazy,” which features the Game, a Pete Davidson callout, and a horrific cover. The album art, meanwhile, looks to be Ye’s childhood home set on fire, echoing the Chicago Donda release event where the rapper set himself on fire outside a replica of the home.

Outside of releasing new music, Ye has found ways to stay in the conversation lately. For one, he’s been dating Uncut Gems star Julia Fox, who’s made a hobby of dishing on their extravagant relationship. Past the Davidson dig, he’s had some friction in his ongoing divorce from Kim Kardashian, most recently claiming there was a second Kim K. sex tape (Kardashian denied). And with the three-part docuseries jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy set to hit Netflix throughout February, Ye has demanded a final cut of the film, which directors Coodie & Chike have denied. Curiously, Donda 2 is slated to be released the day before the second part of jeen-yuhs, which hits Netflix on February 23. On top of it all, Ye is set to headline Coachella — and likely debut much of Donda 2 live — in April. Talk about Yeezy season.

Ye Announces Donda 2, in Case You Haven’t Gotten Enough