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Nolan North Wants to Play Nathan Drake’s Daddy

Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Spoilers ahead for Uncharted.

You can call him Drake’s daddy in the sequel, but for now, you can refer to him as “hotel guest.” Nolan North, the original voice actor for the Uncharted video-game series, told Variety that he’d love to play Nathan Drake’s father in a future Uncharted movie. When the film was first announced, fans rallied for filmmakers to cast North as the quick-witted treasure hunter but due to the extended length of the development process, Tom Holland was eventually cast as Nathan Drake. “People think, ‘It should’ve been you.’ No, it shouldn’t. I’m 51,” said North. Rest easy Uncharted fans, North still made his way into the film adaption in a small cameo. “I think cameos can be touchy. I told them, ‘I don’t need to be in the movie just to be in the movie,’” North told Variety. “I don’t like to be taken out of a movie. When I’m watching one, I’m focused in. From what we did, it’s just enough of a nod that everyone goes, ‘Ah, that’s the guy!’ And then we’re right back into the film. I was adamant with them, I didn’t want it to be self-indulgent. It’s a quick little thing, and it works for the scheme of the film and it’s fun. Like Stan Lee’s stuff in Marvel movies. They always were perfect.”

North has high hopes for the franchise and wishes to be a part of a sequel. “Maybe some day they find Drake’s long-lost father, I’d be old enough by then,” he said, already imagining what his reunion would be like.“‘You’re the guy from the beach! I’ve been watching you, kid. You’re doing great.’” He already has experience playing Spencer’s father in Pretty Little Liars, so he knows how to deal with headstrong troublemakers.

Nolan North Wants to Play Nathan Drake’s Daddy