sag awards 2022

Why Did Nicholas Braun Become an Actor? Free Soda

Every year, the SAG Awards opens the show with their “I Am an Actor” routine. It’s a refillable bit machine that allows the nominated and the overlooked alike to explain why they joined the profession and/or their most memorable moment on set. Father-son comedy duo Eugene Levy used 2020’s “I Am an Actor” seg to embarrass his son Daniel, and actor Geoffrey Owens got to open 2019’s festivities after being publicly mocked for weeks for working at Trader Joe’s. This year, Nicholas Braun got the attention he so desperately needs/rightfully deserves, forcing Kieran Culkin to pay attention to his story about getting bloated from all the free soda on the set of his SAG card-earning role. “Please pay attention to me,” Braun begged of Culkin. “This is important, man.” The important story? As a youngin’, Braun had to be told to stop drinking sodas because his face was getting rounder. “It was the best note I ever got.”

SAG Awards: Why Did Nicholas Braun Become an Actor? Soda