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Sebastian Stan Gifted Jimmy Kimmel His Pam & Tommy Prop Balls

Uneasy lies the junk that wears the crown. Lily James and Sebastian Stan stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tuesday night to discuss Pam & Tommy, and all the prosthetics and makeup it took to inhabit the iconic couple. Stan, reinventing The Actor’s Secret, gave his Tommy Lee literal balls of steel. Prompted by his acting coach, Larry Moss, Stan baoding balls (the kind you can buy in a set for meditation purposes at many a woo-woo emporium) from his undercarriage. “Tommy was a big man,” Stan told Kimmel, explaining that in order to play the role he had to really feel like he was swangin’. Stan then gave Kimmel the very balls that had once nestled against him in a most intimate manner. “Just in case you need a little weight when you walk into a room,” Stan said. “I know it sounds insane to you, but trust me, I was like, I need to kind of feel like a man.” So the nipple piercings were fake, but the balls were metal. Okay, Sebastian Stan-islavski. Do you.

Sebastian Stan Gave Jimmy Kimmel His Balls of Steel