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Busy Man Steven Spielberg Is Reportedly Working on a Movie Based on Frank Bullitt

Photo: MARK RALSTON/AFP via Getty Images

Not Lightning from Cars — we’re talking about a different McQueen movie. Per Deadline, Steven Spielberg is developing a new film focused on the character Frank Bullitt from Peter Yates’s 1968 thriller Bullitt. Played by Steve McQueen, Bullitt was a San Francisco cop tracking down a mob kingpin who killed a witness he was protecting. Bullitt is often remembered for its iconic, nearly 11-minute car-chase scene, although it’s not guaranteed that we’ll see the same vehicular stunts in Spielberg’s project. The West Side Story director is attached to direct a new story for Warner Bros., not a remake of the original film. Screenwriter Josh Singer (Spotlight, The Post) is onboard to pen the script, which Spielberg will produce alongside West Side Story producer Kristie Macosko Krieger. Steve McQueen’s son, Chad, and granddaughter, Molly, will serve as executive producers. Reportedly, this movie could have been Spielberg’s next project after West Side Story, but he needed time to negotiate with the McQueen estate for rights to the character. So instead, Spielberg is currently in post-production on his semi-autobiographical project The Fabelmans. It might be a while until we actually see the Bullitt-based film, given that a script and deal haven’t been finalized yet. But hey, if anyone knows how to switch gears, it’s Spielberg.

Busy Man Steven Spielberg Working on Frank Bullitt Movie