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David Lynch Joins the Cast of Steven Spielberg’s The Fabelmans

Photo: Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage

Does this mean Steven Spielberg will return the favor and star in a David Lynch movie? Per Variety, Lynch is set to star in The Fabelmans, an upcoming semi-autobiographical drama based on Spielberg’s time growing up in Arizona. The project will be the first collaboration between the two renowned directors. We don’t know what Lynch’s role is yet, but he’s joining an already-packed cast of characters inspired by people from Spielberg’s life. Newcomer Gabriel LaBelle will play Sammy Fabelman, an aspiring filmmaker and fictionalized version of Spielberg. Michelle Williams (Fosse/Verdon) and Paul Dano (The Batman) will play Sammy’s parents, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood scene-stealer Julia Butters will play Sammy’s sister, and Seth Rogen will play Sammy’s uncle. These roles are each expected to draw from their real-life counterparts in Spielberg’s family.

The full cast of The Fabelmans also includes Judd Hirsch, Sam Rechner, Oakes Fegley, Chloe East, Julia Butters, Jeannie Berlin, Robin Bartlett, Jonathan Hadary, and Isabelle Kusman. Spielberg co-wrote the script Tony Kushner, who he recently worked with on West Side Story. The frequent collaborators also served as co-producers on The Fabelmans, alongside Kristie Macosko Kireger. Reportedly, the movie is currently being eyed by Universal Pictures for a release date around Thanksgiving, which makes sense. After all, that’s the perfect time for family drama.

David Lynch Joins Cast of Steven Spielberg’s The Fabelmans