Hey! Arthur’s Final Episode Airs Tonight

Photo: PBS

After over 250 episodes and movie specials, everyone’s favorite aardvark Arthur is coming to an end on PBS tonight with four very special episodes. In a flashforward 25 years later, the finale will take a look at the kids of Elwood City as grown-ups and give a glimpse into their futures, according to a press release by PBS. Arthur is the longest-running children’s animated series based on the best-selling books by Marc Brown. The series broke many boundaries in children’s television. The show discussed topics like racism, gay marriage, autism, and Alzheimer’s during its many years on PBS. Arthur’s quick-witted humor and self-awareness also inspired many memes, with many going viral on Tik Tok and Twitter. Despite the final episodes airing tonight, Arthur will live on in podcasts and digital shorts produced by PBS.

In conversation with New York Times, Brown addressed some popular fan theories about the world of Arthur. Brown stated that Elwood City is a mix of his upbringing in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, incorporating elements of both states in the show. He also confirms that Arthur doesn’t take place in the multiverse, nor is it a reality show directed by Matt Damon (yes, both are real fan theories.) Brown said he “couldn’t be happier inspiring people’s imagination” with Arthur and hopes to make an Arthur feature film in the future. The four final episodes will air on PBS on February 21 and stream for free on PBS’s website after their premiere.

Hey! Arthur’s Final Episode Airs Tonight on PBS