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Watch Jamaican Bobsledder Devon Harris Hack Into The Daily Show

Roy Wood Jr. used his recurring “CP Time” segment on The Daily Show With Trevor Noah to discuss Black Olympians throughout history. First he highlighted skater Debi Thomas (whose Battle of the Carmens brought major drama in 1988) and Paralympian Tofiri Kibuuka (who competed for both Uganda and Norway). But the majority of Wood’s time was spent discussing the Jamaican bobsled team. Yes, the one from Cool Runnings. Wood did a Jamaican accent so bad that it prompted actual bona fide hero bobsledder Devon Harris to hack into the show with the power of positive thinking. Because when you believe in yourself, there’s nothing you can’t hack. It’s the moral of The Matrix and this Daily Show segment.

Watch Jamaican Bobsledder Devon Harris Hack The Daily Show