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Hear Barry Keoghan’s Joker Laugh in This Deleted Scene From The Batman

Whether or not you wanted more of Barry Keoghan’s Joker, he and his unsettling laugh are here, because Warner Bros. has released a deleted scene from Matt Reeves’s The Batman that gives us another glimpse of his take on the grinning villain. If you feel like solving three riddles, you can watch the five-minute clip on the movie’s Riddler-themed marketing website. But if you’re like Robert Pattinson’s Batman and you’re not super thrilled by the idea of more mind puzzles, we’ve got you. The new scene takes place in the Arkham Asylum, where RBatz has come to ask the Joker what he knows about the Riddler. We never get a clear shot of Keoghan, but from what we do see, he looks pretty rough. On top of all the scars and scabs, he’s got patchy hair that calls to mind a Barbie who has had the misfortune of meeting an overly excited child. Of course, this Joker refuses to give us a straight answer about the Riddler’s origins. Not to worry, though — Paul Dano’s on it.

Hear Barry Keoghan’s Joker Laugh in Deleted The Batman Scene