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Hear the Dulcet Tones of Cardi B’s Voice on Summer Walker and SZA’s Extended ‘No Love’

Cardi B? More like Cardi R&B. The rapper jumped on the extended version of Summer Walker and SZA’s kiss-off “No Love,” off Walker’s 2021 album Still Over It. As for what we’re not over? The fact that Cardi is singing! The rapper shows off some silky vocals in her new verse, slipping between singing and rapping about trying to make things work with a man. The song comes with a new music video as well, featuring Cardi and Walker on a bed in the clouds and in a field of roses. (And keep watching after Cardi disappears for a tennis match with a heart on a floating court between Walker and SZA.) “I just wanna be everything you need,” Cardi sings. Rapper, dancer, Baby Shark star, singer — what else is left?

Cardi B Has the Range on Summer Walker’s Extended ‘No Love’