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See Colin Farrell Rhapsodize About Tea in This Exclusive Clip From After Yang

Those who saw After Yang at Cannes or Sundance know it’s a movie that sneaks up on you. One moment, you’re laughing along with the exuberant dance routine in the sci-fi film’s opening credits; the next, you’re tearing up as you contemplate the fleeting beauty of life and wonder how your digital self will live on after your death. The A24 film, Korean director Kogonada’s follow-up to his critically acclaimed Columbus, takes place in a near-future in which clones and robot siblings are as commonplace as an Amazon Alexa. When one family’s android older son, Yang (Justin H. Min), goes on the fritz, a desperate father (Colin Farrell) tries to find a way to bring him back to life. This involves delving into Yang’s memories, many of which feature Farrell’s character effusing about tea, a gentle ritual whose pleasures mirror the film’s own. In this exclusive clip, see one such memory, which happens to showcase Farrell’s surprisingly good Werner Herzog impression. First The Batman, now this — the man has range!

After Yang heads to theaters and Showtime on March 4.

Colin Farrell Ponders Tea in This Clip From After Yang