Crunchyroll Is Finally Fusing With Funimation

“Fuuuuuu-sion! HA!” Photo: Cartoon Network

It’s official now: The anime streaming giants that merged last year are consolidating their libraries under a single orange flag. Starting today, Funimation Global Group’s content catalogue of anime titles like My Hero Academia, Tokyo Ghoul, and Yuri!!! on Ice is making its way over to Crunchyroll’s, creating what the company calls “the world’s largest anime library.” The combined collection now has more than 40,000 episodes worth of anime, eclipsing every other anime streaming service on the market. Not all of Funimation’s titles will be available on Crunchyroll immediately, however. Some notable omissions include anime classics like the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise, the Dragon Ball titles, and the Robotech franchise, which was a pretty big deal when Funimation gained the streaming rights to it a few years back. But beyond new episodes of existing series on the service, no new content will be added.

Want Crunchyroll?

Along with its statement on the shift, Crunchyroll published a list of the Funimation titles currently available to stream on Crunchyroll, stating it would update it as new titles are added. Funimation’s blog encouraged users to move to Crunchyroll as soon as possible, sweetening the deal with a 60-day free trial and assuring that qualified Funimation, Wakanim, and VRV subscribers would be emailed a unique link to sign up in the coming days. Moving tons of subscribers and hundreds of titles from one service to another can be tricky! As Trunks and Goten learned in Dragon Ball Z (not on Crunchyroll … yet?), the fusion dance can sometimes fail if you don’t nail the steps.

Crunchyroll, at least for now, won’t be raising prices (a free ad-supported tier and paid tiers starting at $8 per month) despite bulking up its library, so that’s a plus.

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Crunchyroll Is Finally Fusing With Funimation