Damon Lindelof’s Mrs. Davis Gets Betty Gilpin to a Nunnery

Betty Gilpin. Photo: Ian West/PA Images via Getty Images

Betty Gilpin will switch out her bejeweled leotards for a nun’s habit in Damon Lindelof’s upcoming Peacock series Mrs. Davis. The show is slated to depict Gilpin as the religious force battling an all-knowing, all-powerful artificially intelligent enemy. Gilpin versus the Metaverse marks another collaboration between the actress and Lindelof after The Hunt, a loose adaptation of short story “The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell.

Damon Lindelof has already gotten you Lost, brought you Leftovers, and persuaded you to watch Watchmen. Now, he’s ready to introduce you to the mysterious Mrs. Davis. According to an earlier announcement from the streamer, Peacock has placed a straight-to-series order for the ten-episode drama from Lindelof and Young Sheldon writer Tara Hernandez, to be produced by Warner Bros. Television. Hernandez will showrun Mrs. Davis, in addition to co-writing the series with Lindelof; both will executive produce. Owen Harris, the Emmy-winning director of Black Mirror: San Junipero, will also bring his dystopian expertise as an executive producer on the show.

“Tara Hernandez is an astonishingly original talent,” Lindelof says in a statement. “Talking about Mrs. Davis with her was one of the few things that kept me sane through the pandemic… I can’t wait for the world to be introduced to both of them.” Says Hernandez, “In a year that has felt totally surreal, partnering with Damon to craft the world of Mrs. Davis truly takes the cake. To have the support of Warner Bros., who championed our vision from the beginning, and to now have the perfect home at Peacock alongside Susan, Lisa, and the rest of their incredible team — I am at a loss for words. I promise to find them as we bring this wonderfully weird story to life.”

However, if you think you’re about to learn what Mrs. Davis is actually about, you clearly need to go back and watch Lost or The Leftovers again. Per the streamer’s press release, “Though plot details are being kept under wraps, Peacock can confirm that the series is an exploration of faith versus technology — an epic battle of biblical and binary proportions.” To be fair, that could very well describe most Damon Lindelof series. And maybe Young Sheldon, too? We need to catch up to make sure.

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Damon Lindelof’s Mrs. Davis Gets Betty Gilpin to a Nunnery