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Daniel Kaluuya’s Alleged ‘Life Strategist’ Speaks Out, Sells Talismans

Photo: Karwai Tang/WireImage

“The saga continues,” Heir Holiness says in the first of approximately one jillion Instagram stories posted March 17 … and yeah, it does. If you haven’t been following the madness, Heir Holiness is the name of Daniel Kaluuya’s personal manager, a New Age type who gives off strong cult-leader energy. In February, journalist Matthew Belloni reported that Kaluuya “abruptly fired” his agents at CAA, and sources believed Heir Holiness had something to do with it. They allege that the production crew on the set of Nope was “afraid” of her and “very concerned that Heir had ‘taken over’ DK’s life and all decisions had to go through her.” A source told the New York Post that Kaluuya also fired his stylist and multiple assistants at Heir Holiness’s behest.

So on Thursday night, the self-described Head Mistress of “The International Alma Mater, Blessed University,” went on Instagram and called these stories “fake.” In the screed (Instagram Stories that are more than 20 dashes are scientifically classified as “screeds”), Heir Holiness says Kaluuya “had some problems in his business with some people, and he fired them,” and asks, “What does that have to do with me?” “I don’t know why they got fired exactly,” she says, alleging that “I never met any of these people. None of the people that got fired have I ever seen in person and I do not know them. I don’t know why they got fired exactly.”

It’s not even really worth watching because no mysteries in this strange story get cleared up. The wildest part is the end, where she hard-pivots to a very weird sales pitch for her necklace: “I will have some for sale. The hamsa, the eye, and the om, the most powerful protection symbols. The swastika as well, but because Hitler used it and it still has such a negative connotation I will not be offering that one. But it is the most powerful.”


Daniel Kaluuya’s ‘Personal Manager’ Speaks, Sells Talismans