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Grimes and Chelsea Manning’s Random Reported Relationship Leaked

World Princesses, part III. Photo: Getty Images

In the next new installment of the Grimes Chronicles: She’s now reportedly dating the former U.S. soldier and infamous whistleblower Chelsea Manning. Take that with a grain of salt or at least a strong allegedly. Gawker first alluded to the news in a blind item Thursday, wondering, “Which space witch with a hidden baby is dating a hacker extraordinaire?” Gee, we do wonder! “Page Six” got the exclusive confirmation Friday, reporting that Manning had moved in with Grimes (born Claire Boucher, a.k.a. c) post-breakup in Austin. “They’re getting serious,” a source told the outlet. “They U-Hauled it.”

“Page Six” goes on to note the pair developed a rapport over Twitter with Manning “vouch”-ing for Grimes’s claims and Grimes saying she’s taking Manning’s “word as final these days.” So is a power sacrifice in the cards for this couple? What does Manning think about AI and communism? And most importantly, what does Azealia Banks know?

Grimes and Chelsea Manning’s Reported Relationship Leaked