Will Smith Somehow Returning for I Am Legend Sequel With Michael B. Jordan

Photo: Jim Spellman/WireImage

What better time to make a movie about a virus sweeping across the planet? Per Deadline and a joint Instagram post, Will Smith is returning to the I Am Legend franchise for a follow-up film that will also star Black Panther’s Michael B. Jordan. Now, this news does raise some questions for anyone who saw the 2007 original directed by Francis Lawrence. That movie, based on the 1954 Richard Matheson novel of the same name, was set in a postapocalyptic New York City where infected humans became bloodthirsty mutants. It ended with Smith’s virologist character pulling the pin on a grenade and sacrificing his life to save humanity. Which, you know, makes one wonder how exactly Smith will manage to come back. Perhaps the sequel will follow the original movie’s alternate ending? We can only guess — with the film still in development at Warner Bros., we don’t know anything about the plot. (But hey, if bringing characters back to life is on the table, we’d like to suggest Sam the dog.) What we do know is that Akiva Goldsman is returning to write the script and joining Smith and Jordan as a producer on the project. A title still hasn’t been confirmed, but we have a Killmonger-inspired suggestion. I Am Legend, Too: Is This Your Legend? has a nice ring to it.

Will Smith Somehow Returning for I Am Legend Sequel