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Jimmy Kimmel Checks in on Mike Lindell’s Plan to Sue All Machines

James Adomian’s take on Mike Lindell, a.k.a. Mr. MyPillow, has been a welcome addition to Jimmy Kimmel Live! for a while now. Every time that nutbar sets forth some new talking points, Adomian is entrusted to don Lindell’s signature weird side part and explain things. This week, Lindell said he was working on a class-action lawsuit to Sue All Machines. Presumably, he means voting machines, but what this sketch presupposes is, what if he didn’t? Kimmel speaks to Lindell in his anti-machine bunker, where he plans on suing his washing machine for shrinking his clothes and his electric razor for a manscaping accident. The machines will feel Mr. Lindell’s wrath!

Jimmy Kimmel Reunites With Mike Lindell (James Adomian)