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Which Chaotic Love Is Blind Couples Made It Past the Altar?

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If this season of Love is Blind taught us anything, it’s that love might not be blind after all — or that it’s not the best idea to propose to someone you’ve never seen, never touched, and just met ten days prior while chatting in small, insulated pods no matter what Nick Lachey says. Because this is the show’s second season, the participants know exactly what messiness they’re signing up for, but that doesn’t mean that the couples don’t appear as mismatched as ever. For example, you may think you’re hitting it off with someone, and then find out you have very different thoughts on personal finances, friendships with exes, or the concept of evolution. The fate of these couples is nothing to gamble on, but despite their extremely dubious circumstances, six couples did get engaged, and five actually made it to their wedding day just weeks later. What happened next? Um. Chaos. Let’s dive into it.

Danielle and Nick

Photo: Netflix

These two went on a journey, didn’t they? After being the first couple to get engaged in the season premiere, Danielle and Nick seemed poised to become the next dating show success story, but problems started popping up pretty quickly. There was the time Danielle seemingly got upset when Nick had some drinks with his Love is Blind castmates (he called her “toxic”) and another heated fight after he met her family (she implied he was a narcissist) and the shocking revelation that Nick makes his own toothpaste. Nevertheless, they made it to the altar.

So, do they make it? Heading into the finale, their fate doesn’t seem too promising — it could have been the foreboding background music, or just the sheer amount of sweat dripping down Nick’s face — but surprise! Nick says yes. Whether they’ll stay together is anyone’s guess, but hey, Danielle got over the toothpaste thing. Maybe love does conquer all?

Deepti and Shake

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Deepti and Shake managed to forge a solid connection in the pods, and they both wanted their relationship to work. But even though Shake continued to reiterate that she was his best friend and an amazing person, he also complained to the other couples, his mom, and anyone who would listen that he didn’t feel an “animalistic attraction” to her. Even Shake’s mother was on Deeps’ side, which really says everything you need to know.

So, do they make it? In a moment straight out of a Katy Perry song or Shonda Rhimes show, Deepti chooses herself. “I cannot marry you. I deserve somebody who knows for sure,” she says at the altar. She walks away gracefully as her mom smiles proudly; Shake, meanwhile, sputters and stammers “this is a celebration” and insists he would’ve turned her down anyway. You can practically see the tears in his eyes as he insists that the humiliation of getting dumped at the altar was “a net positive.”

Natalie and Shayne

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Despite Shaina’s best efforts to tear them apart and Shayne’s questionable behavior in the pods, this duo almost… worked? Sure, he called her by the wrong name at one point, they had starkly different opinions on cheese and 401(k), and her parents didn’t exactly “get” the Love is Blind process. (Fair.) But living in the real world seemed to actually strengthen Natalie and Shayne’s relationship, and they made it through nine episodes with relatively little drama.

So, do they make it? Things take a turn for the worse the night before the wedding: They have a massive, off-camera fight, and Shayne allegedly says he hates her and she’s the worst thing that ever happened to him. When it’s time to exchange vows, Shayne says “I do,” but Natalie tearfully says, “I don’t,” citing “really big issues” they still have to sort through. They meet outside the venue and talk about taking some space from each other to see where they stand, but in both of their confessional interviews, they make it clear there’s no coming back from this. It’s probably for the best: Natalie can save thousands of dollars a month on food and get back to work on her 401(k). As for Shayne…unfortunately, Shaina’s now off the market. While her relationship with Kyle didn’t work out on the show, she recently announced that she is engaged to her boyfriend, Christos Lardakis.

Iyanna and Jarrette

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For the first couple episodes, Jarrette felt torn between Iyanna and Mallory. He ultimately landed on Mallory, but when she gently turned him down, he decided to pursue his relationship with Iyanna. If you’re thinking that this might not be the most solid foundation for an engagement, you aren’t alone, but after they got past all that awkwardness, they managed to make it through Mexico, family introductions, and an awkward interaction that, regrettably, saw two adult exes call each other “Mal-Mal” and “JerBear.”

So, do they make it? They do! Iyanna’s initial concerns about being Jarrette’s second choice were valid, but the look on his face as she walks down the aisle? Yeah, the man’s in love.

Mallory and Salvador

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Mallory had two strong connections in the pods, but her heart eventually led her to sweet, ukulele-strumming Salvador. They shared some highs and lows, including a tense meeting with her family and concerns about Mallory’s lingering feelings for Jarrette, but by the end of the penultimate episode, they were still ready to head down the aisle.

So, do they make it? No. Sal tears up and says that he needs more time, and — in what’s one of their sweetest moments, actually — Mallory consoles him. Later, she admits she doesn’t know what she would’ve said if he hadn’t backed out. They agree to take some time for themselves and revisit their relationship (or friendship, at least) once the Love is Blind chaos has calmed down.

What’s next?

Well, after marriage, there’s only one natural next step: reunite with Nick and Vanessa Lachey for a tense, dramatic, live-taped reunion. See you March 4!

Which Chaotic Love Is Blind Couples Made It Past the Altar?