Pachinko Star Jin Ha Apologizes for His Old Creep-Shot Tumblr

Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Jin Ha, who plays Solomon Baek on Apple TV+’s Pachinko, has deleted his old Tumblr “Korean Flowers in Bloom” and apologized for the blog ever existing. The blog apparently featured candid photos of Korean middle-age or elderly women, taken without their consent and often captioned with sexually suggestive speech. “My ‘Korean Flowers in Bloom’ Tumblr account from 2011 should not have been made at all. It was a breach of privacy for the elder women featured, and many of my captions were inappropriate,” Ha wrote in a statement on his personal website. “I deeply regret my actions and apologize for them.” Ha, who also had roles in Devs and the Chicago production of Hamilton, said that he requested Tumblr delete his account. That has now been accomplished. “Thank you again for granting me this chance to rectify this blunder of a blog and for bringing it to my attention when it should have been clear from the beginning,” Ha wrote.

Pachinko Star Jin Ha Apologizes for Old Creep-Shot Tumblr