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Samuel L. Jackson Refuses to Believe He’s Not Cinema’s Most Swearingest Man

When you think of profanity, who is your first thought? Besides that one guy on Storage Wars, obviously. Is it Samuel L. Jackson, a man so associated with the word “motherfucker” that even his lightsaber has an allusion to it engraved upon its hilt? Samuel L. Jackson definitely thinks so. But, alas, the actor who has said the most swears in film is Jonah Hill. Jimmy Fallon broke the news to Jackson on The Tonight Show. Buzz Bingo has apparently counted all the swears in film, and found that Hill is the swearingest. A combination of The Wolf of Wall Street and Superbad put Hill over the top, with Leonardo DiCaprio coming in second. Jackson is a close third. Well “That’s some bullshit,” per Jackson. Both he and Fallon agreed that if the lexicographers as Buzz Bingo just measured “motherfucker,” Jackson would surely win in a motherfucking landslide.

Samuel L. Jackson Believes He’s Film’s No. 1 Swearer