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Watch Seth Meyers Take a Closer Look at Alleged Republican Drug Orgies

Representative Madison Cawthorn put the cock in caucus this week when he accused his fellow congresspeople of doing “key bumps” and having sex parties all willy-nilly in Washington, D.C. Cawthorn accused, without naming names, people he’d previously respected and admired of doing sex to each other and snorting rails like Scarface. Seth Meyers broke it all down on Wednesday’s “A Closer Look.” He made a case that this was an inevitable outcome of the GOP pandering to the conspiratorial right: “They whipped up their base into believing crazy shit,” Meyers said. “That base then elected a bunch of people who believe that crazy shit. And now those crazy people are accusing their fellow Republicans of wild, drug-fueled sex parties.” Ugly, ugly sex parties.

Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at Alleged D.C. Drug Orgies