SNL’s Trippiest Film Critic Reveals His 2022 Oscars Predictions

Last night’s Saturday Night Live saw the glorious return of Weekend Update’s resident film critic, Terry Fink, who has watched every single film from the past year over the course of the past 48 hours, all “thanks to a little multivitamin” he takes called LSD. Fink, played by Alex Moffat, is a twitchy mess who loved The Power of the Dog, except for the part where Benedict Cumberbatch “steps through the screen just to make fun of my undies in the voice of my middle-school bully.” Encanto, meanwhile, is an “all-gray, throbbing stress dream” saved by “local gangster rapper Lin-Manuel Samantha’s catchy hit, ‘12 Hours of Screaming.’” Encanto gets “ten tiny, terrified Terrys,” while Belfast (a.k.a. Jackass Belfast 4D) gets “20 twerking, ticklish Terrys.” Watch the full bit above, and check out our Terry-free Oscar predictions afterwards.

SNL’s Trippiest Film Critic Reveals 2022 Oscars Predictions