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Soccer Mommy Made Her New Album With … Oneohtrix Point Never?

Soccer Mommy is adding to her roster. One extremely surprising pick: Oneohtrix Point Never. Sophie Allison, who makes sharp indie rock under the name Soccer Mommy, tapped experimental electronic musician Daniel Lopatin, a.k.a. Oneohtrix Point Never, to produce her latest album. That project is called Sometimes, Forever and will be out June 24. If you don’t know Lopatin for his solo work, maybe you know him for the soundtrack to Uncut Gems or co-executive producing the Weeknd’s Dawn FM. That’s all to say this is a pretty odd coupling — especially for Allison, who kept a tight circle around her previous albums, 2018’s Clean and 2020’s Color Theory. But so far, it seems to work: The lead single, “Shotgun,” is more of the ’90s–revival rock Soccer Mommy has been trying on lately, with Lopatin providing some polish and detail work on the production. Move over, Jack Antonoff.

Soccer Mommy Made a New Album With … Oneohtrix Point Never?