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Amy Schumer Is the Proud Spokesvag for Tampax

It must be fun to match celebs up with brands to sponsor. Whoever pitched every form of hydration to Jennifer Aniston, what is your life like? DMs are open. Amy Schumer went on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to discuss her new show, Life & Beth. But first, she had to address being the simultaneous spokesperson for both mayonnaise and tampons. Mayo, Schumer feels, makes sense. They just picked the person who looks the most like they have mayo on every meal. But since becoming a shill for tampons, Schumer was diagnosed with endometriosis and subsequently had a hysterectomy. Which, famously, removes the necessity for tampons. What tangled lives we live, you know?

The Tonight Show: Amy Schumer Is the Proud Shill for Tampons