Do Not Challenge Theater Girl Anne Hathaway to Name That Tune

You might think that Kelly Clarkson, queen of Kellyoke covers, would be good at Name That Tune, or at least specifically at naming her own tune, or at the very least at recognizing the opening riff of her most famous tune, “Since U Been Gone.” But no! She is not as good as Anne Hathaway. In fact, watching the above clip, it seems that nobody will ever be as good as Anne Hathaway at naming that tune because there are just a few things that are certain about Anne Hathaway: She actually goes by Annie, she loves to sing, and she loves to win. “I don’t want to freak you out,” Anne says, “but I have a foolproof strategy, so good luck.” Then she goes on to beat Kelly to the punch in recognizing and singing along to “Piano Man,” “MMMBop,” “Since U Been Gone,” and effectively tying with her by singing “Under Pressure” against Kelly’s “Ice Ice Baby” (the latter samples the former). It’s unclear what exactly Anne Hathaway’s “foolproof strategy” is other than being very good at recognizing songs and singing them loudly, but congratulations to her on the win. As a prize, she should have to go perform in a stage musical sometime soon. She clearly loves singing live, and I personally have many suggestions for her: replacement Bobbie in Company, Lucille in Parade, the American in Chess, stunt-cast as Miranda in the upcoming Devil Wears Prada musical, Mother in Ragtime, and finally, just in some sort of solo revue where she just performs “Since U Been Gone” every night and talks about life. Feels like it could win a Tony.

Do Not Challenge Anne Hathaway to Name That Tune