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Dua Lipa Teaches Jimmy Fallon Her ‘Don’t Start Now’ TikTok Dance

Dua Lipa is reclaiming the viral TikTok dance she accidentally created in 2017. On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, she talked about her dance evolution and how she grew from the criticism of her stage performances. “‘She looks like she’s trying to put a shoe on in a rush or something’,” said Lipa about the comments online. However, she doesn’t hold any grudges. “I think it’s okay. When I look back on it, and the reason that we’re talking about this, is because I’ve brought it back. I’m doing it on my tour; I’m reclaiming it.” Lipa is currently incorporating the moves during “Don’t Start Now” while on tour. She discusses how the meme caused her pain and encouraged her to work harder as a performer. “It caused me a lot of grief; I was being bullied online. It wasn’t very nice. I can look at it from a different perspective,” she said, “I look back on it with such fondness because it helped me grow into the artist I wanted to become.” Fallon asked if she could show him the dance and an audience member enthusiastically yelled, “Yes!” as Fallon got up to learn a thing or two. However, he could not keep up with her as the Roots began to play “Don’t Start Now.” Dua Lipa can check in on Fallon in a year or two to see if he’s been practicing his moves.

Dua Lipa Reclaims Viral TikTok Dance on Fallon